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Gulliver is suitable for a wide range of home and public buildings, including indoor. The Gulliver platform lift is a hydraulic vertical lift with shaft.The Gulliver lift can be delivered as an indoor or outdoor unit
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Orion is a hydraulic vertical platform lift that is suitable for a wide range of home and public buildings. The versatility of this platform lift allows people to enter from three different sides
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Chair lifts are a practical and economical solution for people who face mobility and accessibility problems within their own homes but want to maintain a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle without having to relocate
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Best Quality Shaft


Shaft characteristics

The machine shall be installed in a completely smooth masonry shaft with no protrusions or recesses. Maximum protrusion, if arriswise: ≤ 1, 5 mm.Maximum protrusion, if with beveling less than15° with respect to the vertical: 5 mm

Customer responsibilities

Necessary building works and modifications, connection of electricity lines from the building switchboard to the machine control panel; telephone line connections in accordance with existing legislation, endurance guarantee for the interface between the building and the platform lift (shaft walls).


Material: galvanized iron
Color: RAL to be chosen
Dimensions: minimum width 730 mm
Sizes: more than 70 standard plans
Panels: galvanized steel, safety glasses 10/11, MDF wood (only indoors), ABET laminated
Application: indoors and outdoors
Top cover: cross diagonals, flat, rain proof
Doors: fitted on the shaft


All Glass
elite elevators blind
elite elevators glass
elite elevators panaromic
Stainless Stain
Wood Covered
elite elevators alumni
elite elevators wood


elite elevators control
elite elevators control detail


School locking system The push button is
replaced by an instable key switch

elite elevators door
elite elevators doorlock

The door locks off after an adjustable time
(2 minutes default) when it is closed

EVO automatic door-opener

elite elevators evo
elite elevators evo
elite elevators evo

ORION model: door total height is 2140 mm
GULLIVER model: standard door total height is 2100 mm


Folding seat
elite lift foldseat1
elite lift foldseat2
elite lift foldseat3
Key selector on the control panel
Allows to switch ON/OFF
elite elevators telecontrol1
elite elevators telecontrol

Allows to switch ON/OFF the controls or to give the possibility to control the landing accesses choosing a floor by the key

Remote Control
Access ramp (in case of no pit)
elite elevators remote
elite elevators ramp

Available when there is not the required height for the pit.