Orion is a hydraulic vertical platform lift that is suitable for a wide range of home and public buildings.

The platform size can be customized to specific measurements and features a range of different materials for side walls, floor and ceiling.

Plus, the versatility of this platform lift allows people to enter from three different sides


Space efficiency


Space usage efficiency. The higher useful area is the narrowest floor space. The minimum required width is 660 mm (platform: 620 mm) for Orion model .

Power efficiency

Orion has low energy consumption comparable to a household appliance by using the normal 230V single phase supply. Motor size is chosen into the factory within three power classes of 1, 5 kW, 1, 8 kW or 2, 2 kW according to the machine features and specifications. The stand-by power consumption is only 4-5 W.

Simple technology

The drive system of Orion is based on the most widely known hydraulic technology. Roundly 3 of 4 vertical platform lifts in Europe are hydraulic. It means:

• Simple technology, reliable, affordable and low cost for maintenance and operation.

• No need for lubrication.

• Comfortable and Soft operation. Rapid response to commands.

• You’d hear only a whistle when the lift is effortlessly moving up and down.

• Long operation life, providing safe functioning and high reliability

Reduced dimension for fixed and movable parts will assure an effective use of the available space in each configuration

Wide range of sizes and finishes

More than 60 different standard plans to fit any architectural environment. Platforms are customizable millimeter by millimeter with solutions focused on specific needs. Each car type can be chosen within different dimensions. Possible cars are:

• Protection: one wall including the control panel.

• Protection with ceiling: one wall including the control panel and a ceiling with spot lights.

• Cabin: Cabin with one, two or three wall/s including the control panel and a ceiling with spot lights.

• Cabin with automatic doors: Cabin with two or three walls including the control panel and a ceiling with spot lights. One or two automatic folding or sliding door/s to allow “Push & Run” operations from the inner controls.

• Elegance: top quality choice for the most demanding Customers. Wide range of personalizations and high-quality materials.

Customized solutions

In addition to the variety of options and related combinations, our technical staff offers the best support to find out customized solutions to any particular request of the Customer. Elite Elevators is an effective and professional partner in designing and developing tailor-made solutions.